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Rosie is the brains and body behind Mamawell. A pre and post-natal specialist who understands firsthand the changes the body goes through in childbirth. Founded after her postpartum recovery, Rosie guides women on their fitness goals with patience, expertise and passion. 


"I aim to empower women to use their bodies to give them strength and energy throughout their pregnancy and childbirth. In the postpartum period I educate women on the changes their bodies have gone through, how to safely exercise, and encourage them to find confidence and balance in this mentally and physically challenging time."


With the aim to guide women through fitness, wellness and mental health for all stages of womanhood, Jorgen House partnered with Rosie to create these two informative videos to help guide you through your life journey.


Video 1 talks through the Pelvic floor - what it is, how to activate it, and why it's so important 

Video 2 guides you through stretches to alleviate aches and pain in the chest, upper back and hips


- content created by Rosie Stockley from Mamawell



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